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University Academics and Careers Council

The Illinois State University Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs appointed a task force in the 2014-2015 academic year to provide a review of current career development and career readiness practices at Illinois State, best practices nationally, and recommendations for future change and enhancements. The first recommendation from the task force was to form the University Academics and Careers Council to provide a structured organization for collaboration and professional development among key stakeholders on campus.

Task force findings and recommendations

Council membership

Pamela Cooper, Career Services (co-chair)
Wendi Whitman, University College (co-chair)

Rachel Caracci, Graduate School
Shawn Hitchcock, Chemistry
Terry Husband, School of Teaching & Learning
Julie Jung, English
Traci Carte, College of Arts & Sciences
Janeen Mollenhauer, Mennonite College of Nursing
Terry Noel, College of Business
Tal Parmenter, Information Technology
Stephen Parsons, School of Music
Katie Pratt, University College
Jamie Sennett, Alumni Engagement
Clint Smith, Academic Advising Council
Harriett Steinbach, Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning







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