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Career Services COM Triathlon

Career Services and the School of Communication are please to provide current students majoring in a field of communication with a chance to compete for great prizes in the Spring 2014 School of Communication Triathlon. The Triathlon includes three steps,each which must be completed in its entirety and by its specific due date for student contestants to compete for the grand prize.

The COM Triathlon begins March 17, 2014 and ends at noon April 11, 2014. Students must be a declared major within the School of Communication on March 17th to participate. Failure to complete any part of the process by April 11th at noon will automatically be disqualified from the competition. Winners will be announced at COM Week Awards and Scholarship Luncheon on April 17th. See Triathlon Evaluation and Winner Selection below for more information.

Step 1: Application/Resume/Cover Letter (due: March 21st at noon)

Apply for a sample job position related to your major. To do so, upload a resume and cover letter that have been specifically created for that position using Hire-A-Redbird:

  • Sign in using the student login and your university login information, and complete your personal profile. (This must be done before you will be able to search for job postings.)
  • While in Hire-A-Redbird, go to "Employers: Employer Directory" and select the employer named "COM Triathlon Spring 2014," then the "Available Positions Tab." Search for the job description that most closely matches your major and apply to the job, following all direction provided.

For more information on how to customize a resume and cover letter to match a particular position, visit pages 4-9 of the Career Resource Guide.

Step 2: Interview (due April 4th at noon)

Complete an online interview consisting of five pre-determined questions using InterviewStream.

  • Create an account.
  • Select "Conduct Interview," and find the interview titled "COM Triathlon Spring 2014".
  • Choose this interview to begin. (NOTE: You must have a web camera and microphone to complete this section of the process. If you do not have access to a web camera you may reserve an interview room in Career Services with one. Just contact Career Services to schedule your reservation.
  • Once the interview starts you will only get one chance to answer each question. When your interview is complete, an email will be automatically sent to Career Services informing them that your interview has been completed.

For more information on how to prepare for an interview, visit pages 16-23 of the Career Resource Guide.

Step 3: LinkedIn (due April 11th at noon)

LinkedIn is an online social media platform used for professional networking; and is often used by recruiters to search for candidates and learn about those who have applied for their positions. Create and/or complete your LinkedIn profile. After your profile is complete, you will need to connect with the Career Advisor Renee Carrigan using LinkedIn in order to indicate that your profile is ready for evaluation.

To learn more about how to create a LinkedIn profile, attend a Career Services LinkedIn workshop.

Triathlon Evaluation and Winner Selection

Career Services staff will evaluate all entries. Finalists will be chosen from each job posting, and will be in the running for the grand prize. An administrator from the School of Communications will assist with evaluating the finalists to determine the grand prize winner. Each finalist will be notified by Tuesday, April 15th. The grand prize winner will be announced at the COM Week Awards and Scholarship Luncheon on April 17th. At that time, all finalists will also receive a prize from Career Services.

For more information or special accommodations to participate in any of these events, contact Career Services Career Advisor Renee Carrigan.

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