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Why Offer an Internship?

Internships are crucial for education, training, and professional and personal development of job candidates. As competition for jobs increase, it is even more important for students to seek internship opportunities to prepare themselves as quality candidates for you as an employer.

Internships provide the competitive edge that set students apart from other candidates by providing the practical work experience needed to be successful. When students complete one or more internships, it is an indicator that they have gained exposure and are prepared for the professional workplace. Equally, internships help students build the professional interpersonal skills necessary for success in their careers. 

Internship benefits for employers

Internships and cooperative education experiences are a great business (and non-profit) practice, as they allow you to provide students an opportunity to integrate their classroom study within a real-world work environment. In addition to benefiting students, employers who offer these experiences gain these competitive edge in hiring with these advantages:

  • Ability to screen and work with potential entry-level employees, prior to making a full-time employment commitment
  • Gaining an energetic, enthusiastic, and proficient new candidate pool
  • Improving an organization's bottom line (interns cost less than full- or part-time employees)
  • Increased campus presence, students who work for your organization can serve as ideal spokespersons for your organization to their peers and faculty members
  • Interns can bring new perspectives to your organization's initiatives
  • Opportunity to "free up" your professional staff so they can pursue more advanced projects
  • Gaining many other "organization specific" opportunities
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