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Fraudulent Job Postings

Posting employment openings online is a common practice for hiring companies. As more and more companies are using online job postings to reach candidates, Career Services provides the following tips and resources to help Illinois State students and alumni use Hire-A-Redbird safely and effectively.

Evaluating Job Postings

In general, if a job posting, email, or any other communication from a company contains any of the following, please proceed with caution and alert Career Services.

  • Offers to send a check to you before you do any work for the company, or the company sends a check to you unexpectedly
  • Offers to pay a large sum of money to you for very little work
  • Offers a job to you without ever meeting or interacting with you
  • Requests personal information from you, such as your: social security number, bank account number, credit information, etc.
  • Offers a large paycheck in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account - often for depositing checks or transferring money

If you have any questionable experiences with an employer that make you uncomfortable or suspicious, proceed with caution as you pursue the employment/internship opportunity. If you suspect a position is fraudulent or experience any fraudulent activity, contact the Career Services.

If you feel uncomfortable about a job or internship opportunity you are exploring, DO NOT click on any links and DO NOT provide any personal information.

For additional guidance on potential fraudulent postings, see the "Resources" section on this page.

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