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Who is my Career Advisor?

Major does not equal career

One’s major does not always define their career path. That's why the Career Services career development model is organized by career cluster, and not by major. Please note that some occupations require a specific degree for liscenses (i.e., accounting, nursing, teaching). 

Career advisor

Choose your career advisor based on the career cluster which you most identify with or have an interest. If you are unsure which to choose, select “Still Exploring.”

Career clusters

Arts, Communications, Design and Media Mark Fauble
Food, Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Megan Kayfish
Financial Services, Consulting, Management and Sales  Mark Fauble
Education  Renee Carrigan
Healthcare, Wellness and Recreation  Megan Kayfish
Non-Profit, Social Services, Government and Law Mariaton Tate
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math  Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Still Exploring Hope Miller

Pre-professional school

Contact Megan Kayfish.

Make an appointment

Schedule an appointment with your career advisor using Hire-A-Redbrid.

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