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Attend an Event 

Career Services offers a variety of programs and events to connect students with employers and to provide opportunities to learn career preparation skills. Visit Events for a current list of our upcoming programs and events. 


  • Develop a 30 second commercial  of your professional skills, experience and interests, and to answer the question, "tell me about yourself." Visit the Career Resource Guide.
  • Construct an effective resume. Visit the Career Resource Guide. Then, visit Career Services for a resume critique and other helpful pointers.
  • Request business cards from the Career Services.
  • Visit the Career Resource Guide for professional dress and etiquette tips.

Career fairs

  • Career fairs for internship and full-time positions are offered each semester. Visit Events for a list of upcoming career fairs.
  • Get helpful tips on how to prepare for a career fair. Visit the Career Resource Guide.

Networking events

Networking is essential to a successful job search. Learn how to network with professionals and employers in your industry. Opportunities for networking on campus include:

Workshops and programs

Attend our career development and job search strategy workshops and programs to learn how to be more effective with your strategies. Visit Events for a current list of our upcoming programs and events. Some of our regular workshops inlcude:

  • Graduate School Series - learn about the application process, taking entrance exams, funding your education, and more
  • Veteran's seminars
  • How to use LinkedIn to land a job
  • Career preparation workshops and programs
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