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When you have an interview set-up, prepare for it just as you would prepare for an exam. Follow the steps below to put your best foot forward to impress the employer and possibly land the job.

Prepare for the interview

  • Make an appointment with your career advisor to discuss the interview process.
  • Research the organization by visiting their websites and social media pages to learn about the company's products and services, audience and customers, and recent news.
  • Develop your 30-second commercial, to answer the question, "tell me about yourself." Get tips from the Career Resource Guide.
  • Identify your answers to commonly asked questions. Visit the Career Resource Guide for sample questions.
  • Have questions ready to ask the employer. Visit the Career Resource Guide for questions to ask an employer.
  • Review the interview tips provided in the Career Resource Guide.
  • Dress professionally to make a strong first impression. Visit the Career Resource Guide for professional dress and etiquette tips.
  • Have a phone or online interview scheduled? Reserve a fully-equipped interview room in Career Services and prepare for your interview by reviewing tips in the Career Resource Guide.


After the interview

Always follow-up by sending a thank-you note to each person with whom you interviewed to express your appreciation for their time and input shared. Use email or handwritten notes and send within 24 hours of the interview.

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