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Connect with Job Candidates

ISU huddle room on the second floor of the Bone Student Center.

Get the most out of your interviews with the perfect setting.

Our huddle rooms let you interview Illinois State talent on the spot. They're comfortable, equipped with technology, and free of distraction.

Call for availability: (309) 438-2200

Add new thoughts, skills, and experiences to your team.

Every Redbird brings something unique to the table. Here's how we can add to your diverse team.

Broader Pool of Candidates

There's no need to restrict your recruitment options to just one major.

We organize our academic programs by career clusters. This gives you access to more candidates with a wider range of skills and cognitive diversity.

Our clusters include:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

  • Non-profit, Social Services, Government, and Law

  • Healthcare, Wellness, and Recreation

  • Education

  • Financial Services, Consulting, Management, and Sales

  • Food, Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources

  • Arts, Communications, Design, and Media

Diverse Student Perspectives

Students in a conference room.

Our students bring many different experiences and perspectives. They come from all over the world, pursue their passions in more than 200 academic programs, and get involved in over 400 organizations.

Their personal experiences are unique and beneficial to whatever career path they choose.

Cultural Career Network

A man and woman conversing at a dining event.

This initiative is fully dedicated to preparing students of diverse experiences for any career. You can play a key role in providing students unique networking and career opportunities.

Learn more about Cultural Career Network

You're hiring much more than a degree.

When you recruit an Illinois State student, you get an employee ready to lead in the modern and global workplace.

These essential, transferrable skills are part of our campus culture and are integrated across all disciplines at Illinois State.

  • Global and Intercultural Fluency

    With a diverse campus population, our students value, respect, and learn from a variety of perspectives.

  • Critical Thinking

    We instill confidence and good-judgement from day one. Redbirds in the workforce know how to use information to overcome challenges and implement solutions.

  • Communication

    Whether writing a paper or presenting in front of leaders, our students know how to write, speak, and articulate their thoughts.

  • Professionalism

    Redbirds in the workplace are colleagues and partners. They understand what it means to take pride in their work, treat others with respect, and have personal accountability.

  • Technology

    Being tech savvy goes beyond knowing how to use technology. Our students know how to leverage the right technology to accomplish goals.

  • Leadership

    From academics to clubs and organizations, our students get real experience in leadership roles that develop their skills and help them become the kind of person others want to follow.

  • Teamwork

    We take a collaborative approach to learning. Our students learn how to work with lots of different people inside and outside the classroom building relationships, managing conflict, and working towards a common goal.

  • Career Management

    We help our students identify their strengths and values so they can go into any career with confidence and a clear understanding of all they have to offer an organization.