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Make an even bigger impact on your students. When you combine your strengths with ours, we can help students thrive and get students excited about their future.

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More Than a Job Board

Hire-A-Redbird helps you stay organized and stay in the loop.

Use it to keep track of internship and professional practice records, view upcoming events, and stay connected with Career Services.

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A Strategic Approach

To Career Development

A major does not define a career path. There are lots of paths to explore.

We approach career development with clusters. This makes the process for choosing a career path a little less overwhelming. It also helps students think beyond a major and exposes them to more possibilities post graduation.

Our clusters include:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

  • Non-profit, Social Services, Government, and Law

  • Healthcare, Wellness, and Recreation

  • Education

  • Financial Services, Consulting, Management, and Sales

  • Food, Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources

  • Arts, Communications, Design, and Media

To Success

The Keys to Academic and Career Success lay out the stages and tips to a successful college experience and career path.

We use the keys to help students discover their passion and achieve their goals.

Stage 1: Explore

Academic Achievement
  • Strive for academic success.
  • Attend and actively participate in classes and get to know their professors.
  • Meet with their academic advisor and faculty to discuss major requirements and academic goals.
  • Participate in and contribute to department-based introductory classes.
  • Explore academic and career interests online. Contact Career Services for help.
  • Attend available tutoring sessions and workshops as needed.
Transferable Skills
  • Develop transferable skills, such as writing, communication, or public speaking.
  • Seek a part-time job, internship, or other experiences to build their current skill set.
Experiences and Involvement
  • Explore student organizations, volunteer, and seek leadership or civic engagment opportunities.
  • Attend academic, career, and campus events.
  • Conduct an informational interview with professionals in their areas of interest.

Stage 2: Expand

Academic Achievement
  • Create an academic plan with their academic advisor and faculty.
  • Meet with a career advisor to identify career opportunities that align with their interests.
  • Explore options to study abroad.
Transferable Skills
  • Refine writing, communication, analytical, and other transferable skills through course work and involvement opportunities.
Experiences and Involvement
  • Obtain a leadership role in an organization.
  • Attend academic, career, and campus events.
  • Apply for internships in Hire-A-Redbird
  • Get to know faculty.
  • Conduct a job shadow with a professional in their area of interest.
  • Create LinkedIn and Hire-A-Redbird profiles; They can stop by Career Services to learn how.

Stage 3: Execute

Academic Achievement
  • Inquire about earning academic credit for an internship or research opportunity in their department.
  • Evaluate the status of their academic and career plans.
  • Ask faculty to serve as references to help meet their career goals.
Transferable Skills
  • Leverage their acquired writing, communication, analytical, and other transferable skills.
Experiences and Involvement
  • Relate their internship experience to their course work and career preparation.
  • Meet with a career advisor and faculty to discuss job-search strategies.
  • Establish a professional social media presence.
  • Continue to build their network at academic, career, and campus events.

Stage 4: Embark

Academic Achievement
  • Research specific academic and career opportunities (i.e. job search, graduate school, etc.).
  • Meet with their career advisor to implement job-search strategies.
  • Apply to graduate programs or jobs that align with their goals.
Transferable Skills
  • Update and finalize their resume and related professional documents to include their transferable skills.
Experiences and Involvement
  • Attend academic, career, and campus events.
  • Network with faculty.
  • Maximize their professional networks (i.e. LinkedIn, professional contacts, etc.).